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2014 Alumni Attitude Study

In April 2014, we sent an email to our alumni, former students and current students, which invited you to respond to a survey about your impressions of McMurry University and the Alumni Association. Many of you responded! Check below for a timeline showing the latest information about the survey, results, and next steps.

Does This Meet Your Needs?
As we continue to take action on alumni responses to the survey, we value your feedback. There is always an open invitation to contact us with your impressions of our efforts to strengthen the McMurry University alumni community.

September 2015: Update - Student Networking
Alumni Association Board of Directors - Student Relations Committee
The Student Relations Committee of the AABOD is committed to improving the student experience, as much as possible, through alumni interaction, engagement and, where possible, mentorship. This committee is researching different ways in which to engage the student population through relationships with alumni, with the end goal of building networking skills and improving the students' employability.

June 2015: Update - Branding Alumni Association
Opportunities for Alumni Association "hosted" activities
Continuing the work on how to spread the message of the McMurry Alumni Association to students on campus, Alumni Relations met with Student Affairs and Athletics to brainstorm on how the Alumni Association can continue to increase a visible presence on campus. In the coming year, it was decided that we will host some different activites at athletic event half-time intermissions and perhaps a movie night in collaboration with McMurry Student Government or the Campus Activities Board. All opportunities will include a "welcome" or "thank you" from Alumni Relations along with an Alumni Association giveaway.

April 2015: Update - Branding Alumni Association
Special VIP Events with the President for Seniors
It is so important that our students understand what it means to be McMurry alumni and what opportunities that will afford them as they make their way beyond the halls of campus. Members of the Class of 2015 received a personal invitation to an event with the president at her home, where Alumni Relations and the McMurry Fund representatives talked about the Pillars of Engagement: participate, share, advocate and give, and how they relate specifically to the Young Alumni experience; seniors took away their first alumni tee shirt from this event. The turnout was great and we look forward to events like these with graduates in the future.

February 2015: Update - Relationships
Alumni Back on Campus in Classrooms
Alumni Relations is becoming more and more involved with faculty at McMurry because we realize how close their relationships remain with former students. We want to encourage alumni to return to classrooms and speak with students to share their experiences since McMurry and how it has prepared them for current success, and to share how the relationships they've built here last long into the future. The Alumni Office presents visiting alumni with a special gift and takes a photo with the faculty present to share the experience.

December 2014: Update - Careers
Student/Alumni Networking & Career Fair
The month of October was exciting as Alumni Relations partnered with Career Services on two different initiatives to help students plan for careers and improve networking skills. We held two different Alumni Career Panel events where students had the opportunity to ask questions of alumni after hearing of their McMurry experience and their journeys in the "real world" of employment. Then, we hosted our own McMurry Career Fair, which has not been on campus in quite a long time. Overall, employers and students who particpated gave positive feedback. More events such as these are planned for Spring and Fall 2015.

October 2014: Update - Communication
Segmented, targeted communication with alumni
It is very important that we communicate with alumni not only in general, but as it relates to the groups they were a part of while studying at McMurry. This year, in preparation for Homecoming, we sent specific messages to alumni from many different groups including the School of Education; Fine Arts graduates; alumni who had participated in Religious Life or had chose to major in Religion; social club alumni; band and chanters alumni; and class year cohorts. It is our goal to keep our alumni informed.

August 2014: Update - Accessibility
Updates and link to presentation online
In an effort to remain transparent and to let our alumni know that we are grateful for their participation and we heard what they said, we built the update page as a go-to place for alumni to track progress of this process.

June 2014: Update - The Results
In-person presentation of findings
Rob Shoss, managing consultant for PEG, the company we partnered with for the survey, came to campus in late June to present survey results to the Board of Trustees along with different campus and alumni groups. You may view the slide presentation online. The main themes presented were:

  • The value of your McMurry degree matters to you
  • McMurry is unique in the strength of relationships built between faculty and students
  • It is very important we share experiences immediately following alumni events
  • We need to focus on ways to increase branding the Alumni Association on campus
  • Students need better preparation for careers with a focus on planning and networking
  • Segmented communication with targeted messaging is an improvement we should make

April 2014: Invitation Sent
Distributed via email
McMurry University and its Alumni Association work hard to serve your needs and interests. Your opinions and concerns are an important part of our planning efforts and we value your input. Please help us better understand what you expect of your university and your alumni association by completing this survey. It takes about 15 minutes to complete, but the feedback you give will have an incredible impact on many levels. We are grateful for your participation.